EVOLUTION “Classic” Double Pedal

 Dupla Clasissic

EVOLUTION “Classic”™® – Double Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EDP-E1SC)

Features include

  • Massive free–standing pedestal design with upper transverse beam and solid metal base plate for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Center ribbed base plate for maximum rigidity.
  • Maximum friction bearing – loaded heel plate pedal board.
  • Two 12 1/2” long x 3 1/2” wide foot pedals–largest in the industry–for either heel-up or heel-down techniques.
  • Radius adjustable drive wheel – The only pedal in the industry on which the diameter of the drive wheel can be infinitely adjusted from 1 1/2” to 3” with only a drum key.
  • Spring shackle lugs thread into a locking nut keyed into the body of the shackle, totally eliminating the possibility of them stripping out.
  • Fully adjustable concentric double chain drive.
  • Tree drive springs for increased response and sensitivity.
  • 1/2” U-joints and dust covers.
  • Spring-loaded anti-skid spurs and anti-skid velcro on both pedal base and center beater housing.
  • Completely independently adjustable beater holders with 1” lateral adjustment each.
  • Independently height-adjustable pedal boards.
  • Hard-soft mallets with mallet shaft keys.
  • Center-mounting, Swivel-foot hoop clamp which eliminates all lateral torque on the bass drum hoop.
  • Single key holder with drum keys.
  • Special design creating a unit where both pedals FEEL IDENTICAL.



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