Will Hack

Artist: Will Hack
Country: United Kingdom

Band: Independent

Evolution Gear: Evolution Off-Set “Symmetric” Bi-Laterally Symmetrical Design Double Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EODP-E1S) 

Will Hack began his musical life on piano at 5, drums at 8 and singing since he can remember! Will enjoyed drum lessons and studied the grades, also attending the Drumtech School in London for a year’s Diploma. Afterwards he studied primary teacher training at The University of Gloucestershire for three years. Will is now into his 8th year of class teaching Maths, Science, etc. to ages 5-11 in primary schools, although has taught drumming and singing in school and theatre to ages 5-16.   Will is extremely enthusiastic about music and teaching, and has a lot of energy to share this passion with students.

Will released his debut solo album entitled ‘Here We Are Now’ and toured it to live audiences in various halls, festivals, a concert arena and on radio.   He currently plays drums for rock bands and other projects, and is a producer for a variety of artists too. Will wrote lyrics and recorded vocals on the ‘Cold Reading’ studio album by prog rock band ‘Bram Stoker’ on the Sunn Creative record label. This album has been heard on radio across the world and featured in a number of high street magazines such as Prog magazine and Classic Rock. In 2015 Will will be writing, recording and releasing music with a number of other artists and enjoying performances across England and Finland.

Will is a very passionate, energetic and creative musician, whom enjoys rehearsing towards exciting shows. He enjoys building his recording studio, light shows and drum kit setup, as if putting together a model to play with and letting others share in the experience.

Will is so excited to have been welcomed into the Evolution “Off-Set” Series double bass Drum Pedal and Evolution Drum Gear family as an endorser. Together, let’s inspire the music of tomorrow!

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