Thomas Dupuis

Artist: Rico Stonemann (Rico Horber)
Country: France

Band: The Shoes, Woodkid

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Thomas Dupuis was born in 1976 in Reims, France. He started playing the drums at 15. First and for two years he learned  with a teacher, Patrick Machenaud, for the basics and something essential: That it should be nice  to watch drumming. Then he learned how to play in his parent’s cellar on his favourite grunge records.
In 2000, after having played in some local bands, he came to Paris to play with the electronic pop band OMR. He acquired his first custom drum kit and there was his passion for having his own personalized instruments.
After two albums recorded and a tour with OMR, he came back to Reims. In 2007, he joined the pop band Alb which is now a one man band. It is a project where the sound of the drums is crucial. On some of the tracks, the challenge was to make the kit sounding like an electronic beatbox. There began Thomas’ quest: the right sound.
Three years later, The Shoes, another band from Reims and two very good friends from high school, asked him to join them on stage. The challenge was to play standing with a small kit, without snare drum nor bass drum but only two toms, a crash and a cowbell. Of course he faced it and there was the start of the ”standing time”, the Das Galliano adventure: At the early beginning of the tour, Thomas was joined by another drummer, Olivier Leclère (another P. Machenaud’s student), and together they formed the duo Das Galliano. For the big shows, The Shoes hired two more drummers. Two or Four, the challenge was to drum in a choreographic but punk-rock way.
Because of their friendship and their similar manner of hitting the drums, Das Galliano where then hired by Woodkid for his Golden Age tour. It lasted three years and it sat all around the world. The stage set was really important so Thomas met Baptiste Bidault from Think Custom Drums. They are now very good friends. Together, they designed two similar kits for Das Galliano with two suspended large bass drums, four 18” deep floor toms and two fat and loud snare drums, all in matt black finish with twines, and Baptiste made them.
Back in Reims with The Shoes in early 2015, Thomas is now happy to play sitting again behind a regular 5 pieces kit. But no way for a common drum sound! He asked Think Custom Drums to make him an experimental ”two densities” acrylic kit.
No way for a common setting either! The bass drum is Evolution Off-Set. One and only one bass drum pedal could complete the mission of playing this kick drum without twisting Thomas’ back: the Evolution Off-Set “Universal L/R” Single Bass Drum Pedal. And here’s a new way of using this unique product!


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