Stan Neufeld

Artist: Stan Neufeld
Country: Germany

Band: Independent

Evolution Gear: Evolution Off-Set “Big-Boy” Single Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EOSP-E1SBB)

My name is Stan Neufeld. I started playing drums at the age of seven. My first appearence on stage took place a year later with my fathers band infront of huge crowd at open air summer festival in 1998. Since then I am performing on stage and am booked as a sessiondrummer for different styles of music. From 2008 till 2015 I`ve studied Jazzdrumming/Music at the Conservatory of Music ( HMT Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy) in Leipzig/Germany.

In my lifetime I had the honor and chance to work with some fantastic musicians and bands like: Pepe Berns, Werner Neumann, Johannes Enders, Martin Auer, Richie Beirach, Dave Liebman, Artem Sargsyan Quartett, Niklas Kraft Quartett, Vitaly Kiselev Quintett, Eddie Neufeld, Christoph Bernewitz(Clueso), Andre Hayer(Gentleman), Arto Mäkelä, Alfred Kallfaß, Govinda Abbott, Matthias Nitz, Paradise Ink(Support for german Popact “SILBERMOND” Himmel Auf Tour 2012, LILOBA(winner of several competitions in Germany), Jenny Garcia, Juan Garcia, Bianca Aristia(Voice of Germany 2012), Matthias Tschopp, Yves Theiler, Luca Sisera and many many more….
I am very greatful and happy to be able to teach students and work with some great people from all over the world and looking forward to work on some solodrumming, bandplaying and studiosessions with all of my projects, bandmembers and new faces 😉 And I am also very happy and thankful to be endorsed by Evolution Off-Set pedals

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