Sergej “Garo” Kreso

Artist: Sergej “Garo” Kreso
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina, The Netherlands

Band: Patchanka/Mestizo band Mala Vita 

Evolution Gear: Evolution Off-Set Series “Big-Boy” Single Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EOSP-E1SBB)

Sergej “Garo” Kreso was born in 1963 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He played drums in a series of rock bands including La Banda, Gimpel Luda, Festival and Gino Banana. Sergej Kreso was also active in the New Primitives, an artistic movement established during the ’80’s in Sarajevo including well-known names such as The No Smoking Orchestra and Elvis J. Kurtovic.

During the Yugoslav war in 1993, he fled to the Netherlands, where he continued his career as a musician and filmmaker. In the Netherlands he worked as a drummer in the garage rock duo Receiver and later with the Patchanka/Mestizo band Mala Vita. Recently Sergej Kreso has been working as a director on several film projects which were shown on many international festivals and were awarded with prestigious prices.

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