Ronald van den Enk

Artist: Ronald van den Enk
Country: The Netherlands

Band: Independent

Evolution Gear: Evolution Off-Set “Classic” Double Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EODP-E1SC)

Ronald van den Enk is born on the 17th April 1969 in the city of Beekbergen (The Netherlands).When he was eight years old Ronald was active as a percussionist at Princes Juliana Beekbergen where he won multiple competitions and achieved all necessary drummer certifications. Two years after Ronald started, he knew his first drum kit inside-out and several years after this he graduated as a ‘light music percussionist’ and finished the “ HaFaBra” music training at the Koninklijke Muziekfederatie (the Dutch Royal Music Federation). Ronald did performances with many bands both national and international. When he turned fourteen he was part of pre-shows for Golden Earring band, Normaal band, Jovink and many others. Ronald was a member of the band that accompanied Glenda Peters, won “The Pearl of the Betuwe” price with In A Mix and accompanied many well-known artists as a freelance drummer. Ronald’s first requests for teaching the drums came in when he was just fifteen and ever since he trains drummers. In 2013 he started as a drum teacher at Apeldoorn Pop School.

 In recent years Ronald gave a number of different clinics and workshops with:

Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring),
Oscar Kraal (Anouk, Milow),
Eveline Carels (Candy Dulfer, Loislane, Crazy Piano’s),
Ton Dijkman (Marco Borsato),
Sandra Sahupala (Marco Borsato),
Rene Creemers (Drumbassadors),
Michael Schack (international Roland endorser).

Links: Facebook

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