Marco Piccoli

Artist: Marco Piccoli
Country: Italy

Band: Methodica

Evolution Gear: Evolution Off-Set “Symmetric” Bi-Laterally Symmetrical Design Double Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EODP-E1S) 

Born in 1977 in a family of musicians, thanks to his brother Moreno (pianist, composer and music tea- cher) Marco Piccoli grows up listening to various genres of music: Matt Bianco, Genesis, Chick Corea, Electric Band, Emerson Lake and Palmer.
When teenager, he approaches hard rock music discovering bands as Bon Jovi, Guns’n’Roses, Aerosmith, Metallica, Dream Theater; this is the beginning of his journey as a self-taught musician embra- cing the world or rhythm and learning the first grooves with a drum set.

He starts playing in several bands, playing live in many local venus and theaters.
Passion for music is so strong that Marco can face and overcome a terrible car accident in 2004 and the loss of his leg foot.
In 2009 he finally finds in Methodica the right line-up to musically express himself at his best.

DISCOGRAPHY with Methodica:

“Searching For Reflections” (album) – 2009 “The Marble Column” (digital single) – 2010 “Light My Fire” (EP) – 2012
“The Silence Of Wisdom” (album) – 2015 “The Angel Lies Dying” (digital single) – 2016

LIVE with Methodica:

EXprog Festival – with Marillion and Moongarden
Pistoia Blues 2011 – opening act for Skunk Anansie
Vallemaggia Magic Blues (Switzerland) – opening act for Uriah Heep 2 Days Prog – Veruno – with Riverside and Anathema
Play Art Festival – Arezzo
Metarock – Pisa
Garden Prog Festival – opening act for Pendragon
Pistoia Blues 2015 – opening act for Dream Theater and Queensryche

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