Irena Rogovic

Artist: Irena Rogović
Country: Croatia, The Netherlands

Band: Luminize

Evolution Gear: Evolution Off-Set “Big-Boy” Single Bass Drum Pedal (Art. Code: EOSP-E1SBB)

Irena Rogovic was born in 1989 in Croatia. She comes from a small cosy town on the north coast called Crikvenica. Irena comes from a musical family. Her father played the accordion, her mom danced traditional dances and her brother plays the guitar, bass and drums and is also a sound engineer. Irena’s musical journey started with playing a traditional Croatian instrument called “Tamburica“ (tamburine). In the meantime she joined the city choir where she met the girls that are a part of her band. The band consisted of 4 girls and they were named “ANGELS“. She was 13 when the band started playing together. Irena never attended music school, but she got some private drumming lessons in her hometown in the beginning of her career.

The band „Angels“ lasted for 10 years, and in that time the girls did more than 400 concerts in various venues, clubs, city squares, private events and summer tours throughout Croatia and neighbouring countries. They even did a one month tour in Australia. After 10 years the band changed a band member, the singer, and decided to do their own music. The story of “LUMINIZE“ band started. The band moved to The Netherlands to work on their first album that is going to be released in September 2015.

Links: Official Web siteFacebookFacebook band |YouTube

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