About Us

How did I Start?

I fulfilled a childhood dream only when I grew up. I wanted to start living for music and meet the idols of my student days.                                                                                                     And transform my hobby to vocation. When my business suit and briefcase become too heavy, I decided to return to first love: the drums. I gathered a band of old friends and boring office replaced by a garage and playing gigs on weekends. My new set of drums sounded ok, but I soon realized that the anatomy outdated and I needed better sound.

Firstly I went in search of a new double bass drum pedal in order to make a different    set up, but all shopkeepers answered: “Such a thing does not exist, sir, such device you cannot buy!” And everything started in my garage while I was making drum accessories and figuring out importance of the concept of a ‘middle pedal’ with three, instead of two parts. I contacted one inventor in USA of the unique bass drum pedal and he officially authorized me to redesign his pedal and create the European models under the name “Evolution One” or better known in USA as “E-1”.

So besides “Middle” double bass drum pedal I picked also other two single pedals (which where never sold and sentenced to dead by inventor) and rebuild them and gave them the new life. All tree pedals I redesigned and rebuild from the scratch becoming “EVOLUTION or E-1” series of pedals. That way the drummers today do not hurt their back, they can adjust the pedals in every way, they can play faster and smoother and can have ergonomic drum set-up. Above all the pedals are the strongest in the World. So I created the new range of “Evolution” Series” Drum Pedals.

After I had discovered the innovative concept of the pedal soon after the Phoenix Drum Co. (PDC), Carmichael Thrones Co. and Soultone Cymbals followed up. Now we offer the total solution for the professional drummer, I was engaged together with my new innovative business partners to create the new Ergonomically Drumming Concepts, drums and the new drum gear.  And this activity continues with the yet new innovations. Our products are used today by many famous professional drummers such as: Jonathan Moffat (Michael Jackson), Jerome Garnett (Mariah Carey), George Johnson Jr. (SEAL), Nick Menza (Mega Death), Stan Neufeld (Independent), Dragan Djidji Jankelic (Bijelo Dugme), Johnny Brusco (Independent Drummer & former Stuntman of Clint Eastwood) and many others.

This is how the Evolution Drum Gears was born? After six years being an amateur I am now frequently asked for advices by production companies and professional musicians. Because everyone wants their music to have the best rhythm, and that rhythm is made by Evolution Drum Gears.

                                                       Vedran Alićehajić – Founder of Evolution Drum Gear(s)                                                                                

As my fellow countryman Nikola Tesla once said:

It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we becoma in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become concious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of the intellectual EVOLUTION is the continuous opening up of the new and greater prospects.

                                                                                                                                 Nikola Tesla – 

Our Vision / Mission 

Our Vision                                                                                                                                                             
We are developing for you unique, innovative and high quality products for the comfortable and healthy drumming. All our high quality products are designed for the professional musicians and also for all drummers which want to break with the old rule and want to play drums in the new, healthy way.

Our Mission                                                                                                                                                                   We are bringing the unique and innovative products on the market which are ergonomic, well designed, highly adjustable, comfortable and healthy. We are thinking outside of the box. Our vision and mission is to break “Old fashion ways” in drummer’s industry.

Our Golden Cycle

WHY: We are thinking and doing differently than anybody else in drum industry.                                   Our vision and mission too is to break “Old-Fashion ways” in druming industry and manufacture unique usable, highly valuable products fort the drummers.                          Evolution Drum Gear(s) is our name.

HOW: The way we breaking those “Old Fashion ways” is to closely co-operate with our partners, listening drummers suggestions and helping creating products that drummers highly benefit from.

WHAT: We are producing the most ergonomically, professional and best quality sounding gear fort he drummers today. Join our family pl;ay our gear and find out     your benefits. You will be amazed.

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